Mystery Smell Contest

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Kids love experimenting with their senses, and grown-ups love being asked to: I bet your family will enjoy this Mystery Smell Contest on a late summer afternoon just before dinner, or on a rainy Sunday morning. I found that this contest works with all ages, and kids will surprise you with their answers!

Prep time: 2h ¦ Activity time: 30 mins ¦ Age: 3 + ¦ Easy

What you’ll need:
-5 to 10 identical small plastic containers on which you can easily add a lid, such as empty yogurt pots
-Colored paper or paint to cover the containers if they are transparent, so that you can’t see through
-5 to 10 fragrant items (when possible, use them in powder form, as it’s easier to manage than fluids which at some point will land on your carpet)
-Gauze (or other thin material) to cover the containers while letting the smell through, and elastic or scotch tape to attach it. Alternatively you can use a blindfold for participants; in this case, just place a normal lid on each container to hide its content before the game starts.
-Photos illustrating each smell for younger kids.

What to do
Depending on participants’ age, choose the number (between 5 and 10) and type of flavours you will use: easy smells for younger kids and tricky ones for older ones. Remember to always keep some easy ones so that everyone has the pleasure of guessing correctly at least once.

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